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Young Sandalwood

Luscious and smooth sandalwood that has a comforting, bright, and elevating quality

Uplifting, aromatic sandalwood, with soothing tones.

Like Indian Sandalwood, this Young Sandalwood is quite bright and rich in its aroma.  In comparison, it is a more atmospheric and smooth, while still smelling very present and bright... bright like palo santo or frankincense, but with a very different aroma.  This sandalwood incense uses very high quality material, burns at a low temperature with light smoke, and is a joy to smell

I encourage experimentation with incense and tea pairing, but I think that this sandalwood goes well with any of the fragrant oolongs like Gui Fei or Wen Shan Bao Zhong.

20g incense ~ 60x 21cm sticks.  Approximate burn time of one stick ~ 30 minutes.

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