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About Totem Tea

Tea Research

We started Totem Tea to have a place where we could sell teas that we're currently excited to be drinking.  We sample LOTS of tea from growers and merchants in Taiwan and China, and whenever we come across something truly exceptional we purchase what we can.  In short, we research teas so to find ones that don't just taste like tea, but like something special that is clearly a product of artistry, care, and attention.

Our Palate & Tea Selection

For a tea to be exceptional it must have several of these qualities

  • Offers several solid infusions, at least 3
  • A taste profile that evolves with each steeping
  • Rich mouth-feel or interesting texture
  • A scent that paints a picture in the mind or evokes a feeling
  • It makes us say 'wow'

Tea Procurement

All of our teas are sourced from small tea farms in Taiwan, China, and the USA.  We purchase the best of what we sample; for every tea on Totem Tea, we've sampled and passed on at least 20 similar ones.

If you would like tea recommendations please feel free to contact us.

Totem Tea is in Portland, Oregon, and your tea purchases will ship from here.

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