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Wen Shan Bao Zhong Oolong

Lovely wide twisted leaves open into a sunny and grassy day with this laid back, light, and playful tea.

Notes of spring flowers, butter, and sunny grass.

This is a tea that we first discovered on a day trip to Ping Lin, a suburb of Taipei which is known for its growth and production of this particular Oolong tea. Bao Zhong tea has a different appearance from many of the other Taiwanese Oolong teas in that its processing utilizes a twisting of the tea leaf instead of a tight semi-ball rolled style of tea production. This tea processing is similar to that of the Wuyi Oolong production of Fujian Province in China.

This tea was named due to creators use of sealing the tea between two sheets of paper to resemble an envelope. Bao Zhong roughly translates to mean “wrapped kind tea.” This Taiwanese Bao Zhong comes from the Wen Shan region of Northern Taiwan which has been the traditional home of Bao Zhong production in Taiwan.

This tea has a light brewing color and a very aromatic fresh floral notes with a sweet finish. It is a great introduction to lighter oolongs in that it will not get bitter if steeped too long. It is light and uplifting tea and reminds us of the fresh spring lightness of a warm cup of fragrant oolong tea.

This tea provides a perfect niche for the tea connoisseur looking for a lighter tea without any of the sharp notes of a green tea.  Brew the first infusion with 200 degree water for 60 seconds, doubling the brew time with each subsequent infusion.

Featured Reviews

The aroma off the cup is so good. It is flowers and a subtle spiciness. The liquor is a bright yellow. Everything about this cup is making me happy... and then I tasted it.

Oh My! This is soooo good. Maybe it is extra special because my day until now has been one battle after another (computers, software, and cameras). Maybe, but I don't think so. This really is that good. You have that wonderful scent along with a smooth buttery corn flavored sip. I can feel it melting the stress away.

For an instant I get a flash of spice at the back of the tongue that I thought was going to turn into briskness but it doesn't. Incredibly smooth.

This is the lighter greener side of oolong. The dark roasting I kind of expected is totally absent. It is nicely complex but subtle. If you only like the grab your throat bold roasty stuff, then this isn't your tea. If like me, you prefer a soothing light green oolong that should steep 4 times, then this is delightful.

The Everyday Tea Drinker

I spent most of the weekend outside working, and this tea called to my gaiwan and I to be brewed. I opened up the package to reveal a chaotic assortment of darkened leaves with thick stems. the leaves were incredibly aromatic with a sweet scent of crisp pears, oats, honey, barley, and a smooth graham cracker. This was a unique and enticing aroma. I warmed up my gaiwan and placed a handful inside. The scent deepened to a warm grass base with sweet raisins and light mineral aroma mixture. I sat and enjoyed this array of scents for some time. I washed the leaves once and prepared for brewing.. The flavor began with a full body. I tasted a nice vegetle base with a smooth spring grass sharpness. A sweet sensation flowed over my palette and progressed into an almost creme tone. This lulling sensation was followed by a light fruitiness and some buttery tones. This brew was quite good, and it was a fully encompassing experience. The brew lightened up in later steeping and moved into the grassier and sharper tones. This tea is quite good, and it would do well for a daily drinker.


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