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Gold and Bronze Censer and Incense Holder

Timeless Chinese bronze incense censer with gold flake, this cauldron-dish is perfect for stick and coil incense.

Bronze and gold flake create this timeless incense censer.

Gold flake upon this classic bronze censer creates an incense dish can used for almost all incense from Japan, Taiwan, China, and most larger diameter incense from Tibet and Mongolia like Golden Walks incense.  I love the heft of this censer, and it's nice to pair the weight of the dish with the weightlessness of incense smoke.

This incense dish comes with 9-hole copper incense holder that is suitable for various sizes of incense.

This censor would also work well with coil incense, incense trail, and other forms of koh-do.

Dish diameter: 3.5" wide, 2.75" opening, 2" tall.  Sold with 9-hole copper holder.

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