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Golden Walks

Rustic Tibetan-style incense with clean and prominent notes of cedar, sandalwood, and spices.  Beautiful and unobtrusive.

Traditional incense with notes of mountain cedar and sandalwood.

Tibetan in style, this Mongolian incense is like a walk among dry mountain cedar alongside fragrant herbs.  This incense is made with natural cedar, sandalwood,  aloeswood, clove, cinnamon, and other spices to create a cool and calming fragrance.  

Much of the incense from Tibet burns very smoky and I do not prefer it for closed quarters, but this incense from Mongolia is quite smooth and unobtrusive.

I encourage experimentation with incense and tea pairing, but I think that Golden Walks pairs well with oolongs and dark teas.

20g incense ~ 30x 21cm sticks.  Approximate burn time of one stick ~ 45 minutes.

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