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Snowy Egret Green Tea

Lovely wide twisted leaves open into a sunny and grassy day with this laid back, light, and playful green tea.

Notes of spring flowers, butter, and sunny grass.

Lovely, silky grass aromas accompany this very special green tea.  Green tea from Taiwan isn't so common, which makes this tea all the more special.  I find that it straddles the green and oolong categories, but it is clearly a green tea.  It has the grassy qualities of a Chinese green, but the subtlety and fragrance of a Taiwanese oolong like Bao Zhong.  In fact this tea uses the Bai Lu #17 cultivar, which is a cross between TTES #1958 and TTES #335, which is commonly used for oolong.  

I recommend brewing at 175'F for 2 minutes.  

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