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Ruby 8 Taiwanese Black

Beautiful texture, sweet high notes and foretaste followed by a rich pit fruit finish that is cooling and welcoming.

Notes of candied cherries and dried prunes, with a cooling finish.

Immediately striking, this beautiful and vibrant black tea is a unique treat.  The sensation of drinking this tea is as if it were sweetened, but there is no sugar added.  The color of brewed tea is a beautiful orange red, and the scent is rich and welcoming.

Taiwan is world renowned for its oolong tea but little is known of its phenomenal Black tea which is often referred to as Sun Moon Lake Black tea due to the location of its growth and production. This black tea is as unique and special as the oolong produced on the special island.

Ruby #8 is one of the earliest cultivars from the Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station (TTES) to use Assamica, which was imported to Taiwan in the 1920's.  

The tea brews with a red-orange color, medium body, and smooth texture.  We recommend brewing with 200 degree water for the first infusion which should be 1 minute.  Increasing brew time with subsequent infusions.

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