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Meditation Hong Shui

Elegantly roasted, this traditional Hong Shui oolong exemplifies balance between exceptional leaf material and craftsmanship in tea-finishing.

Notes of sandalwood, singed flowers, anise, and an Autumn river.

Hong Shui literally means red water, and in Taiwan this category of oolong is the larger umbrella term for medium-roasted oolongs, that are made in the style that is particular to Dong Ding & Lugu township.  This tea, however, is grown on Mei Shan in Jia Yi County, and uses the lovely and rich Jin Xuan cultivar.

I love this tea for its balance in roast and leaf presence.  It has excellent texture and aroma, and is a wonderful value for the quality.

Brew this oolong with 200 degree water using 2 minute infusions.  The first infusion will be a light preview of the floral notes, while later infusions will quickly bring out the depth of the roast.

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