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Golden Down Jin Jun Mei

A traditional handmade Wuyi golden strand tea with a texture that has a smoothness like chocolate.  The infusions evolve elegantly with notes of cherry, pine, and leather.

Notes of chocolate, malt, yam, and cherry and pine woods.

This lively black tea comes from a Spring picking, and the amount of golden bud down is astonishing.  Harvested and prepared in Wuyishan, China (Huang Gang Shan).

The initial impression of the tea is that it is truly special. A high quality tea will have strong grounding qi from well maintained land, and strong active qi from the human hands that prepared it. And the more facets of the process that are carried out by humans the better, at least in terms of quality and vibrance. This is a tea in which the qi and artistry is clearly evident.

There are flavors in this tea that harken back to ancient times, it seems. There are notes of earthy sweet vegetables like yam, chocolate, and tobacco. And the feeling of drinking Jin Jun Mei is that of taking a journey. There is a robust delicacy to this tea, and in the notes from my first tasting of this tea I wrote cryptically, “golden-feather.”

This tea should brew with 195 degree water with infusions around 45+ seconds. The resulting brew is a clear amber with superb texture and an evolving profile


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