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Cloud Emblem Incense Burner

Elegant carved wood incense burner with fireproof fabric for burning the entire incense horizontally.

Beautiful incense burner that burns the entire stick.

Smoke drifts up beautifully through the magnet-attached, slit-patterned lid of this incense burner.  Made with fireproof fabric, this incense burner will burn the entire incense stick horizontally, without leaving tiny unburned nubs, as happens with incense holders.  Fireproof 'fire-cotton' fabric is used so that air can flow easily all around the lit incense stick.  

Incense will not stay lit on a plain, flat surface.  But when placed on the 'fire-cotton' fabric in this incense burner, it will burn easily and safely.

This incense burner can easily hold longer 21cm incense sticks.

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