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Orchid Phoenix Oolong

Singed flowers, sandalwood, and honey notes describe this beautiful dancong oolong that is uniquely classic.

Notes of honey, black pepper flowers, and sandalwood.

From the Phoenix mountain range in Guandong, China, this delicious oolong imparts delicate floral fragrances with a sweetness and bright woodiness of sandalwood.  This tea is a real treasure, and I love brewing it on a quiet, early morning.

This type of oolong, mi lan xiang, translates as honey-orchid fragrance, and is in the broader category of dancong oolong, which means single bush oolong.  There are many ~12 different types of dancong oolong that are primarily named after their fragrances (xiang) for which they are cultivated.  


Brew this tea with 185'F water for 1 minute, increase brewing time and temp with additional infusions.  

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