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Old World Qing Xin

Slowly baked over several days, creating a classic tea with a woodsy nose, rich liquor, and a well-balanced, slightly sour profile.

Notes of sandalwood, roasted walnut, cinnamon, and forest walk. 

Beautiful roast, very smooth texture, like a walk in the woods when the sun is heating the forest floor... this tea is exceptional.  In particular, I'm very impressed by the multi-day traditional roast of this oolong that maintains and enhances the fragrant and woodsy qualities of the leaf itself.

This high mountain oolong is from the famous Dong Ding range where the higher altitudes create a more concentrated floral flavor.  Non-roasted high mountain teas have a beautiful elegance that is delightfully ephemeral, with a taste that sweetly evaporates.  But when those same high mountain oolongs are roasted, like this one, a new depth appears that is very dynamic and quite delicious.

Dong Ding is one of the great tea mountains in central Taiwan, and this tea comes from the Lugu township in Nantou county, home of Dong Ding mountain.  This oolong uses the famous Qing Xin cultivar, brought from China during the Qing dynasty.  Qing Xin, also known as Gentle Green Heart is very delicate and only suitable for high mountain growth.

Brew this high mountain oolong with 195 degree water for 1 minute.  Add a minute to the brewing time with each additional infusion.

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