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Kalimantan Aloeswood

Rustic aloeswood incense with a profile that's slightly-dark, woody, and very aromatic.

Rustic aloeswood, with notes of aged, resinous tree bark and fragrant spices.

This Indonesian aloeswood has a rustic quality that gently sweeps through a room without being overwhelming.  This incense is reminiscent of aloeswood incense that can be found drifting in the air in China and Taiwan, but is of much higher quality.  The aroma is slightly spicy, and reminds me of temple walks throughout Asia.  

Aloeswood is an incredibly prized fragrant wood, more valuable that sandalwood.  Aloeswood comes from the Aquilaria tree, and it only becomes fragrant once it has been infected by a particular mold.  It has a scent profile that is both bright and dark at the same time, and is quite beautiful.

20g incense ~ 60x 21cm sticks.  Approximate burn time of one stick ~ 30 minutes.

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