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Bright resin of frankincense with notes of sweet citrus, this elevating incense straddles Oman and Japan.

Ancient resin with notes of melon and orange peel.

Real frankincense tree resin from Oman is pulverized and combined with natural makko to create an incense that is structurally simple, but aromatically complex.  This style of incense is very clean and clear like many natural Japanese incense, but the frankincense material causes a transformation that is very elevating and invigorating.  The notes of sweet citrus and melon are lovely, and are nothing like the smoky, harsh, and overheated low-quality frankincense you might have smelled in a church.

Frankincense was one of the most prized materials of ancient Egypt and the Middle-East.  Alongside other resins like myrhh, opoponax, and mastic...  Frankincense was special among these (used by priests for offering and communing with the gods) because it has an upward-moving quality when burned (in contrast, myrhh has a very downward-moving quality, that's why they are so often paired).

I encourage experimentation with incense and tea pairing, but I think that this Frankincense goes well with any of the fragrant oolongs like Gui Fei or Wen Shan Bao Zhong.

15g incense ~ 46x 14cm sticks.  Approximate burn time of one stick ~ 30 minutes.

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