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15 Feb '16

Sourcing the Perfect Teapot...

Posted by Dan Pappas in kyusu, teapots, teaware

This elusive quest has been one of great interest for us at Totem Tea.  We include multiple criteria for such a vessel.  Tea is greatly enhanced with proper teaware as well as detracted from with lesser brewing devices.

For us the perfect teapot is a mix of aesthetics and function leaning a bit heavier on function than artistic appeal but not too far off.

We look for pots that have lids with no jiggle and spouts with not dribble. We want to see high quality craftsmanship and a tight seal on the lid that fits just right.  When it comes to the spout a clean, smooth pour is unbeatable.  We don't take lightly to a dribbling pour.

In addition to these two essentials we look for ease of cleaning out the pot from the loose leaf tea.  A wide lid opening assists this process greatly. Another essential component of a great teapot is the filter inside the pot.  Is there enough holes to allow water to flow out timely and smoothly? How wide the the filter opening?  How much of the leaves can come through?

The answer to all these questions have been happily met by the two kyusu listed on our teaware page. We are pleased to share them with you.

Happy steeping!

 Kyusu Sesame Filter

Mogake Kyusu Sesame Filter Kyusus




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