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19 Feb '16

Origins of Totem Tea, what's in the name?

Posted by Dan Pappas

When we were trying to come up with a name for our soon to be tea venture we looked for a name that contained much about how we felt about tea and tea sharing. For us we were particularly interested in teas that had a story to tell.

This story could be related to the individual tea's particular history, production, travel experiences with finding the tea, or the unique qualities of the tea and much much more.

Tea has a very long history reaching into the unknown depths of human history and existence on earth.  Due to its historical reach the stories that accompany tea are just as broad. These tea stories are not just ancient but modern and continually unfolding as tea production and crafting is an art with continual innovation.

Being an Pacific Northwest born company we wanted to pick a name and symbol that also represented a gathering and welcoming place which told a story by itself as in the imagery of a totem pole and represented a place where stories continued to be told.  We also like that the crafting of both a totem pole and tea both involve human artistry and the artistry of nature.

For us sharing tea is way to connect and tell stories. All of our teas have a story to tell. In honor of our place of origin and the legacy of the welcoming nature that Totem poles traditionally displayed we happily chose the name Totem Tea.

Totem Pole




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