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Sky High GABA Oolong

This high mountain oolong imparts a profile that is both toasty and floral.  The GABA process imparts smoothness and maintains depth.

Notes of sesame, toast, dandelion flowers, and chocolate.

This high mountain GABA oolong has qualities of a delicate high mountain oolong as well as the smoothness form GABA processing.  It was grown and prepared in Nantou, Taiwan.

GABA stands for Gamma-Aminobutyric acid. It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. In Asia, particularly Japan, there is significant health buzz about it as being very calming, lowering stress and anxiety, helping abate mental fatigue, reducing risks of cancer, etc…

The process of making GABA tea is unique.  Instead of oxidizing the leaves, the harvested leaves are processed and reduced in an oxygen free, nitrogen rich environment.  The result is a tea that tastes smoother and warmer than a similarly oxidized tea.

There are notes of toasted sesame that later transform into a humid summer's day of cutting wild bramble, followed by returning to the house for a piece of rich chocolate.

Brew with 195 degree water for 2 minute infusions.  To bring out more of the nutty quality increase the time.  This is a forgiving tea that can handle lots of variation in brew time so feel free to experiment.

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