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Spring Snail Green

The delicacy of a white tea with the steamed spinach and chestnut profile of a cooling green tea.

Notes of steamed spinach, asparagus, and a cooling aftertaste.

New harvest Spring green teas, are among the most delicious teas.  In China, this tea is called Bi Luo Chun, which literally means "green snail spring," because if the leave's snail shape.  It is an rich green tea with lots of lovely aromatics like spinach, grass, and slight pan searing.

This type of tea was originally named Xia Sha Ren Xiang, which means, "scary/startling fragrance".  It is indeed a surprisingly aromatic tea, but it was later given the more appealing name.

Brew this tea with 180'F water for 60sec for the first infusion, adding 30+ seconds with each additional infusion.  Use 5g / 180ml water.

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