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Wood Fired Scar Kyusu

Rustic, woodsy, and handcrafted, this wood-fired side-handle teapot is a rare gem with lots of artistic touch.

Rustic, subdued, lovely to hold, one of a kind.

This handmade kyusu is a testament to the beauty that can come from the pottery wheel and traditional wood-firing.  The speckled gray mineral-rich clay is colored and textured naturally by fallen ash from the wood used in the week-long firing.  The amount of effort and skill that goes into creating a complex piece like this is astonishing.

This teapot is ideal for gong fu tea preparation when sharing with a others, or just by yourself.  The unglazed clay will season very well, and the teapot is surprisingly lightweight

Many functional and artistic enhancement have been added to this unique pot. There is a 14-hole filter at the spout that is ideal for brewing all Chinese and Taiwanese teas.  The tapering of teapot body at the lid will allow for greater temperature retention and even leaf expansion.

This teapot was handmade in Yingge, Taiwan, and has a volume of 200ml (6.75oz).

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