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Tiger's Eye Kyusu - No. 2

Handcrafted pear-shape kyusu with lovely reticulated amber glaze.

Striking kyusu with beautiful tiger's eye glaze.

This handmade pear-shaped teapot is humble in its look and traditional feeling.  The mineral rich speckled clay is similar in texture to Japanese shigaraki, and it feels unique to the touch.  To me, it has an old-world, wabi-sabi aesthetic.  The glaze variation is incredible.

This teapot is ideal for gong fu tea preparation when sharing with a friends, or just by yourself.  The handle is very easy to hold, and it has very nice balance.  It has 7-hole hexagon filter that will work well for all types of Chinese and Taiwanese teas.

This teapot was handmade in Jingdezhen, China; fired at cone 10, 1300°C, features an unglazed interior, and has a volume of 235ml.

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