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Organic Taiwan Cliff Oolong Cake

Unique and delicious Wuyi cultivar grown in Taiwan with notes of rosewood, mild clove, and stone.  100g cake.

Notes of rosewood, mild clove and classic Wuji mineral. 

This unique oolong made as a bing (tea cake) is not only unusual in the USA but also in Asia.  The mineral qualities that are common to Wuyi cliff oolongs are present in this Taiwan tea which is so fascinating considering the cultivar was brought to Taiwan over 200 years ago.

This tea comes from a small organic farm in Ming Jian Township, Taiwan.  Because this oolong was prepared with medium+ oxidation it will age very well, especially in storing it as a bing.  

If you've enjoyed Sea Turtle Wuyi Oolong you will likely enjoy this gem.

1x 100g bing (tea cake)

Brewing:  Use medium infusions.  150ml 190'F water with 5g of tea for 60+ seconds for the first infusion.  90 seconds for the second, and so on...

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