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Flight: Night in Taiwan

Warming aromas and flavors that are bold, sweet, warm, and very complex.

These 4 dark teas have huge taste profiles that are both rich and complex.  The two Ruby teas #8 and #18 are heavily oxidized and exhibit a quintessential Ruby sweetness.  The two dark oolongs are both warm and roasted, but they couldn't be more different.  The Tie Guan Yin being rich and comforting like a fire, the Aged Ginseng being quite herbaceous with a lingering sweetness.

The flight includes 1 ounce of each tea, which is 5-6 sessions, and each session will allow for multiple infusions.

This is a great flight for someone who enjoys darker teas, and for someone who wants to explore the difference between teas that are dark because of oxidation and teas that are dark because of roasting.



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