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Rough Hohin Filter Pitcher

All of the simplicity of a gaiwan, but easier to use because of the built in straining ridges.

Simple, easy to use vessel for brewing or sharing tea.

The gaiwan is one of the oldest tea brewing devices, but it can be somewhat difficult to learn how to use.  I've found the hohin, which is basically a gaiwan with ridges for straining tea, to be much easier to use, while still maintaining simplicity.

This vessel is intended to be used to brew and strain tea, but it could also be used as a cha hai, or sharing pitcher... so it is very utilitarian and multi-functional.

The clay is a blend of nine clays, and it has a rough texture that is unglazed on the inside.

This hohin was in Jiangxi, China, and has a volume of 350ml (11.75oz).

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