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Red Dot Tokoname Kyusu

This teapot is incredibly functional and has several features like a cut-out rim and drip guard that make it a joy to use.

Artful and utilitarian, with handmade variations in each pot.

We have been using this kind of brewing device for years, and it has become a standby.  The orange-red dot is a result of oxidation and reduction in the kiln.  The clay used is Japanese red shudei, and in the firing process, part of the pot is buried, part exposed, resulting in the unique coloration pattern.

This fine kyusu is ideal for brewing with friends or individually for a full 8oz cup of tea.  The teapot handles easily in one hand pouring and the flow of tea is extremely clean with no dribbling. 

Many functional and artistic enhancement have been added to this unique pot. There is a ceramic filter in the pot which makes it ideal for brewing all types of teas from Japanese greens to Taiwanese oolongs and more. The flange on the lid is cut out on the back side to facilitate easy removal of tea leaves and the handle is textured for no slip pouring.

This is an unglazed pot with a burnished clay finish making it smooth and beautiful. It will make a treasured piece in any collection.

This teapot was handmade in Aichi, Japan, and has a volume of 280ml (9.5oz).

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