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Osmanthus Jin Xuan Oolong

The buttery notes of Jin Xuan combine with incredible osmanthus flowers and no artificial flavoring.

Notes of gardenia, butter, night blooming flowers, and candy box.

Few scents compare to the heady almost intoxicating richness of the fragrance of blooming Osmanthus flowers (Chinese: 桂花, guìhuā). This flower has been used for centuries to scent tea but its practice must be precise and skillful. We have tasted many a cup of osmanthus scented tea that was just overpowering with the floral scent and the tea was lost well beneath. Or, we have also seen the use of osmanthus as a cover for lower quality tea that is been covered up with the floral aroma.

This tea that we excitedly bring to you has neither of the above two distractions. This premium Osmanthus Oolong tea is a product of three generations skill in natural flower blending. The cultivar used in this tea is none other than the rich creamy Jin Xuan TRES No. 12 known for its smooth and refreshing finish.

This tea comes from Nantou County, Taiwan where the fresh organic osmanthus flowers are harvested. The tea is lightly baked as part of the regular oolong processing of Jin Xuan and then the fresh flowers are added overnight to soak up the ideal balance of scent and flavoring and then removed in the morning. This process may be repeated if needed to achieve just the right balance without being overpowering.

Brew this Taiwanese semi-ball rolled oolong with 200 degree water, starting with 90 second infusions.  To bring out more of the texture increase the infusion time.

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