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Kinto One Touch Teapot

Modern style teapot that is incredibly simple to use and works well for all types of tea.

Simple, modern design with a static french press style filter.

This elegant and modern glass teapot is very easy to use, and is what we recommend to someone looking for the easiest and least expensive way to brew with a teapot so that the tea leaves have plenty of room to expand and also show off their beauty.

The BPA-free lid has a simple push down design that forms a seal with a silicon gasket against the glass.  The lid itself has a fine, static french press style mesh filter that holds back the tea leaves when pouring.  Because glass is neutral and won't season, you can use this with any tea without worrying about crossing flavors.  

This is a teapot, not a kettle, so it is not suitable for stovetop use.  To brew with this teapot: 1) heat your water with your separate kettle, 2) add leaves to this one-touch teapot, 3) add the hot water to the teapot, 4) place the lid on the teapot.  After the tea has steeped to your liking 5) pour the brewed tea into your cup of choice.

Volume: 280ml (9oz)

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