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Glass Cha Hai Serving Pitcher with filter

Simple pitcher  and filter for sharing tea or for holding tea when pouring into a small cup.

Simple, multiple hand-positions, comfortable to use.

When sharing tea with others or when brewing with small teacups it is sometimes useful to have a glass serving and mixing pitcher.  Borosilicate Glass, being a neutral material, won't easily keep the flavors of the tea, and it makes for beautiful presentation of the tea before pouring.  We often hold the tea up to the light to inspect and appreciate translucency and color.

Cha hai means "sea of tea" and it is thus named because in this vessel the tea mixes before being served, assuring that each cup poured will be evenly blended.

We like this style cha hai because you can hold it by the collar or by the handle, making it very easy to pour.

Volume: 250ml (8oz)

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