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1988 Aged Ginseng Oolong

This powerful quarter-century oolong was aged alongside ginseng, and has mellowed beautifully while maintaining vitality.

Notes of ginseng, goldenseal, apricot pit, and leather.

Surprising to some, tea can be aged adding great new flavor profiles and nuances that new tea does not contain.  Aging tea is an art and requires skill, attention and know-how.  It is not just a matter of putting the tea away in a clay jar in the attic somewhere and finding it years later (although that also occurs). In order for tea to age well a number of conditions must be met relating to temperature, humidity and isolation from strong odors that can ruin a batch of aging tea. Tea that is not aged properly can have an overly sour taste and stale smell to the leaves. When aged with artistry something wholly new is created.

This treasured Aged Ginseng Oolong is such a treat!  It has the mellowed smoothness of an aged oolong with the rich sweet finish that the gentle ginseng scenting provides.  It is just a hint or light brush stroke of ginseng, most likely the dusting of a fine ginseng powder placed on the tea before its long slumber in clay vessels.

This tea has a rich dark color that is smooth without any bitterness or astringency.  It is satisfying and due to its age is of limited quantity.

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