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Sea Turtle Wuyi Oolong

The least roasted of cliff oolongs, this Wuyi oolong is deeply textured, fragrant, and rich.  Clearly a product of artistry.

Notes of cherry fruit, funky flowers, mineral and rosewood.

Sea Turtle oolong (shui jin gui) is a traditional cliff oolong from Wuyishan, China.  Many cliff oolongs are heavily roasted, but this variety is the least roasted, leaving many of the very fragrant and fruity flavors of the leaf.  A real treasure.

The cliff oolongs of China are known for their mineral qualities, and often have a unique impression that is somewhat unusual to the Western palate.  This Sea Turtle Oolong comes from such a beautiful and resilient leaf material with notes of cherry fruit, minerals, singed flowers, and rosewood.

Brew this tea with 185'F water for 1 minute.  This is a tea that fun to play with, brewing wise, so experiment with different temp and brew time.

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