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Ruby White 100g

Unique, elegant white tea made from a the Ruby cultivar commonly used in black teas.

Notes of cherry, fresh leaf, delicate mint.  

Taiwan is not particularly known for producing white teas, so I was very surprised to find this one.  Taiwan tea producers are master innovators, and this tea is a testament to that.  One of the most famous black tea cultivars in Taiwan is Ruby #18.  In black tea form, this tea is very assertive and rich, with strong notes of mint and vine.  As a white tea, it is much more subdued, and elegant.  I enjoy both, but this white tea is a gem.  

I've found that I can brew this tea in many ways.  If I brew it lightly, it comes out like a more traditional white, but with the earthy notes of Ruby #18.  If I brew it longer, it comes out more like a black tea.  Incredible.  

Brewing:  This tea can handle longer infusions and high heat.  200ml 195'F water with 5g of tea for 2 minutes for the first infusion.  I encourage you to experiment with this one.

This tea ships as a 100g (3.5oz) sealed bag.

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