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Four Seasons Oolong Cake

Incredibly fragrant gardenia aroma, bright, smooth, slightly vegetal.  100g cakes, perfect as your daily tea.

Notes of gardenia, early spring flowers, meadow air. 

It's very rare to find pressed oolong, and it was a joy to find this very original one.   Because the tea is pressed and not rolled as is traditional for si ji chun (four seasons) cultivar, the result is a more grassy and fresh tasting oolong as the leaves are less bruised.   Also, because the tea is in cake form, oxidation will happen much slower, and the tea will stay fresher longer.  This is the ideal daily tea.  

1x 100g bing (tea cake)

Brewing:  Use shorter infusions.  200ml 180'F water with 5g of tea for 30+ seconds for the first infusion.  60 seconds for the second, and so on...

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