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Golden Hand Taiwanese Black

A bold and rich tea that is a unique style for Taiwan.  Grown by innovative young farmers, produced completely by hand.

Notes of leather, malt, dark wood, apple skin, cherry pit.

I call this tea Golden Hand because of the golden tips of the leaves, and that the tea is completely handmade.  This Taiwanese black tea is picked and roll-twisted to bruise and expedite oxidation to create a lovely, bold, rich brew.  

Young tea farmers of Taiwan who are stepping into the tradition of tea making often are wanting to innovate.  This tea is an delicious innovation.  First they started by cultivating a new tea bush that is a cross of Ruby 20, Ruby 12, Jin Xuan, and Si Ji Chun.  The result is a tea that has the robustness of the Ruby black teas combined with the silky florals of traditional oolong cultivars like Jin Xuan (colloquially, milk oolong).  After cultivation and harvesting, the tea is then highly oxidized and then baked.  The resulting brew is a beautiful red with rich, smooth profile

Brew this black tea with 195 degree water for 30 seconds.  Add 30 seconds to the infusion time with each brewing.

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