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Red Shudei Tokoname Kyusu

Handmade and traditional, this unglazed red shudei clay Japanese teapot is a simple treasure.

Simple and elegant function with timeless Japanese red-earth.

This little red beauty can fit in the palm of your hand and brew a delicious pot of tea for one or shared with a friend. This red unglazed mineral rich clay is smooth and elegant.  Artistry is evident in its fine pouring and fine ceramic filter.  The wide exact fitting lid allows for easy removal of used leaves.  

This specific kyusu is made from the Shudei clay from Japan which is iron rich and good for brewing all types of teas.  The clay is said to impart a soft smooth and long-lasting taste to the tea due to its unglazed finish and mineral richness.

We've used this very style kyusu for years, and it is one of our favorite brewing devices, especially since after two years of usage it has seasoned so beautifully.

This teapot was made in Aichi, Japan by the potter Gyokko, and has a volume of 140ml (4.75oz).

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