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Amber Woods Lapsang Black

A traditional Wuyi tea that is clearly made with quality tea highlighted by a very natural sweet wood profile.

Notes of chocolate, cherry, leather, and stone fruit.

Amber Woods dives backward in time to the traditional preparation method of lapsang souchong. Most would consider lapsang souchong to be unmistakably smoky, but this traditional preparation is so rounded and articulate that it might initially be mistaken for a non-smoked black tea since the hallmark smokiness of this tea Is quite subtle.

Smoking and heavily roasting is a common preparation for teas that are not from the prime picking. The prime leaves of the bush are the buds and first two leaves -- these are the parts used in making this tea.

Sometimes when I sample a lapsang souchong tea I only taste and smell the single note of smoke, which isn’t very interesting to me. But with Amber Woods the smoke is like a subtle legacy of its preparation. The initial smell of the un-steeped bronze flecked leaves is not smoky at all, but has some cherry and chocolate notes. The smell of the steeped leaves in the teapot is funky like jazz with an elusive tartness common to cliff oolongs.

Brew this tea with shorter infusion times around 30 seconds each, using water around 195 degrees. The first brewed cup has a rich mouth-feel that has a rich texture. By the third cup the natural pine and cypress notes begin to emerge, and you can taste that this is certainly a unique lapsang.

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